Lionbridge Send-To-Device Help

I’ve been working for Lionbridge as a rater for about 8 months now. When I first started and they have you set up your phone to send links to, from the desktop site for certain tasks, that went fine and I was able to set the empty”[](” link as a button on my home screen to open links I send to my phone.

A couple of weeks ago I had to delete/reinstall my Chrome app entirely because something in it was causing the app to eat up my phone battery.

Doing this caused the Raterhub url button to disappear from my home screen(which I expected). When I tried to re-add it, however, it kept taking me back to the last website that I had used in a task when sending it to my phone.

I’ve tried clearing all app data, browsing history, caches, etc. from both my phone and my PC. I deleted the Raterhub app and followed the Send-To-Device instructions to a T numerous times, I emailed Lionbridge and have received three responses, and every single one is as unhelpful as the last. They just keep telling me to do things I’ve detailed in my emails to them that I have already done many times; at this point I’m fairly certain they aren’t even reading them.

All I need help with is figuring out how to set a bookmark on my home page of my phone for the generic Raterhub url without it opening my previous task site. If anyone can offer me anything I may not have tried I would be extremely grateful.

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